Selling your house after a fire? Know your options

A house that has undergone destruction because of a fire is a traumatic experience for everyone and an expensive one too. Ever fire that destroys a home is said to cost an average of $15000, that is, if you are lucky. And even though there is the backdrop of insurance, not all of it is covered. It is best to look for a company that buys your house in Atlanta if you are tired of managing your rental property.

Every year, a huge number of houses are destroyed due to the fire which is said to cost around $6.7 billion on damages alone. So what do we do with the damaged houses? There is this dilemma of wanting to rebuild it from scratch, but on second thought, there is this urge to sell it and move on. Most people would choose the latter, but the question remains on who is going to want to buy a charred house?

It is important to contact your insurance company soon after that. As it would be helpful to find the extent of the damage costs and to determine how much of it will the company cover. After that, it is vital that you go in and collect the important documents from your home if they haven’t been destroyed already by the fire.

We Buy Houses Atlanta Georgia

We Buy Houses Atlanta Georgia

It is important to remember once the fire has been put out; that you do not enter the home unless permission has been granted for you to enter it. Because there may be safety issues that would need tending to once the fires are put out. Do you need to sell your house in Atlanta then it is advised to look for authentic buyers?

You may also need to perform certain chores to ensure safety. Like pumping out water, looking for open and destroyed electronic devices to ensure that there will be no further damage done, closing windows or just checking. You may also need to build a fence around your home to protect it from thieves or people who are just into vandalizing.

Contacting professionals:

After the worst has passed, the next step is to get in touch with a licensed professional to inspect the damages that could reveal any hidden problems. This could help in learning the extent of the damage that was caused due to the fire and how much of it could be covered by the insurance.

It is understandable that buyers would be usually cautious if they are looking to Buy Houses fast in Atlanta Georgia that was recently a victim of a fire, and a mere reason such as the noticeable smoke residue in the walls could affect their decision in purchasing the house.

Depending on that information, you could have an idea on how much the damages would cost in total before you have a chance to put it out on the market for sale. Hiring a professional fire inspector would be helpful in assessing the problem from the core and would likely remove you from the event of getting in trouble with a legal process.

Regardless of whether your house was already put on the market or not or whether you have decided to sell it after the fire, the aftermath is a nightmare. And picking up the pieces after a fire is not a piece of cake especially if you mean for your house to be sold.

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As I have mentioned earlier, it is important to realize that your work will begin immediately after the fire has been put out. Calling in a fire inspector is the first and foremost step and then proceeding to call in your insurance agent.  It is also advisable that you call n the building inspector as well to ensure the safety of the house.

Once that has been approved, the insurance company will record those details which would be good for your track record.  It may be good to take pictures of every room in your home that was destroyed by the fire for insurance purposes. In doing so, the insurance company usually takes their pictures for comparison.

Clean-up and prepping for sale:

The insurance company will also likely pay you for hiring a professional clean up service because most of the soot and smoke is difficult to clean unless expert hands intervene. Also, when professional workers are employed, it would mean some of the damages can be curbed, and only the housing repairs would remain.

Companies that buy houses in Georgia professional help would mean that less damage would be incurred during the clean-up process and it would mean that most of the work is almost done. Usually, after a fire, the flooring would need most of the attention along with the ceilings and the walls.

Most probably, the electrical wiring and the insulation must be paid attention as well. The reason why your insurance company would pay for a professional clean up company is that most of the work can be completed without any unnecessary delays.

It is also very important that you are honest and upfront with your agent about sustaining damages in the fire and the repairs that were done to the house before putting it up in the market. Most Georgia buyers are usually happy to know the truth about the house.

We Buy Houses Atlanta Georgia

On a side note, experts advice on doing only the major repairs that take up to one to two percent of the total value of your home. Because, when homeowners go beyond their means to cover all the damages due to the fire, most people have had difficulty in recouping the cost when the house is being sold.

Who will buy a house that was damaged by fire?

The ordeal after a fire is usually the hardest especially if you are planning to sell the house. But if you know where to look, it is not as hard as it seems. To proceed, it is important to know your potential buyer’s research properly about we buy houses for cash near me.

Potential buyer 1:

First, there are the regular buyers that will be interested in purchasing the house but only if you have repaired the house to make it habitable.

Potential buyer 2:

And second, there are the buyers who will be interested in rebuilding the house even though there have not been any repairs done to the house.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to look for investors who usually buy the house with cash regardless of any damages. Real estate investors buy houses and spruce them up before selling them for a higher price in the market. So if you are worried about the damage that was sustained, and is looking to sell it as soon as possible, home investors are available to buy them. For more information check out

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