Moving and need to sell your house fast in Atlanta, GA

Moving and need to sell your house fast in Atlanta, GA

Moving and need to sell your house fast in Atlanta, GA

If you are permanently relocating out of Atlanta, you might be looking for a quick resale of your property before moving out. This is usually the case with military families who settled in Atlanta and the adjoining areas. So, if you are faced with the task as such, you have mainly three options.

  1. Hiring realtors

Hiring realtors can quickly get you a customer willing to buy your house and can be especially very convenient for sellers who do not have a very good hand at dealing with real estate transactions. Even when hiring realtors, the sellers can get involved in the dealing as much as they want. The process is kept very transparent between the seller and the realtor. The drawback, however, is that the process can go on and on for a very long period of time, with pending payments and paperwork. Also, realtors always look for highly valued, attractive properties and may ask you to spend some money on repairs. In addition to this, you will be required to pay them a separate fee as commissions. So if you feel like I should sell my house fast with minimum hassle, realtors are not the most convenient option.

Given below are some tips to choosing a reliable real estate agent

  • The real estate agents should work with utter transparency with the seller. Despite having hired a mediator, the seller should also be allowed to participate in the transaction process as much as he wants.
  • The commission should be discussed at the very beginning

Real estate agents either ask for a percentage share of the total profit or demand a certain fixed amount, whatever be it, the payments should be discussed in clear details, right at the time of hiring of the agent.

  1. Selling by yourself

Selling all by yourself is the most profitable of all as you are not required to pay commissions to anyone. However, it is advisable not to rush in unless you are well acquainted with the real estate market. Homeowners who are undertaking the task all by themselves should be well informed about the current market trends, the price listings, and the various legal procedures. This approach can be great for those with good networking and marketing skills. Also, the sellers get to name the asking price of the house.

  1. Selling to house buying companies

If you are all concerned about quickly getting rid of your property, selling to house buying companies is the best option. Since these companies buy your house and then invest in repairs, giving a facelift to the properties before selling them over to other buyers, you will not have to worry about spending anything on repairs. The other great benefit is that such companies make one-time cash payments. Hence, you can move out with the confidence that the entire transaction has been completed.

When you are dealing with potential customers interested in your property, always make sure that you settle on a fair price. Since customers are prone to make bargains, do not start with the lowest profit margin. Instead, name a high price, but not as high as may seem unattainable for the customer. Then, as you negotiate, you will naturally come down to a fairly agreeable price, with respect to both the parties. When a certain price is sealed, the customers will decide for themselves whether they would like to carry on with the deal or opt out of it. Therefore, stop beating around the bush and be transparent with the price from the very beginning. This will save you from the frustration of dealing with customers who back at the very last moment, thus resulting in a loss of both time and energy.

Selling as is?

There could be a number of reasons why you may be looking for customers to buy your house as is.  The first is that repair work can extend for a long period of the time and keep you from moving out as quickly as you expect to. Also, you do not have any fixed estimate of how much the repair work can increase the property value. If it is not going to fetch a good sum, the repair, could only be a waste of money. Therefore, irrespective of whether you are dislocating, facing a divorce, facing tenancy problems or simply trying to dispose of inherited property that is being unable to maintain, if you are looking for a quick resale, selling as is the best option.

If you are going to be moving out of Atlanta, you are probably thinking what is the best way to sell my house fast at a reasonably profitable price? You would also not want to keep any legal paperwork or payments pending, forcing you to return every now and then till the process is completed. To avoid this, demand a complete cash payment. This means that the buyer will be paying you the bulk sum in cash, all at once. With a few signings of the documents, the deal will be done and you can travel out of Atlanta confidently, with no pending bank work or legal paperwork to keep you pulling back again and again.

If you say I want to sell my house fast, without any repairs, house buying companies are the go-to people for you.

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