How to sell your house with unpermitted work?

A lot of times, people do a lot of things to fix up and upgrade their house. Sometimes they do it with permits, and sometimes they do it without permits. The permitting process can be a dragging experience, and sometimes it can cost a substantial amount of money. It is not a huge sum of money but it is one of the reasons why people don’t do and that is to save the extra money.

Each permit can cause a few hundred dollars for some cases, and in some cases, the permit can cost lower than that. But they can be multiple hundreds of dollars. Typically, most of them being in a hundred dollar to one hundred and fifty dollar range. But it can amount to a lot if you have to get multiple numbers of permits to fill in which can cost you thousands of dollars. To Buy your house quickly for cash in Atlanta we make you an offer, and we don’t charge any fees

Why do people skip getting permits?

If you put it in this way, you might have to pull a general building permit, an electrical permit, a plumbing permit or roofing permit. As you can see, if all of these summed up, it can cost a fortune. Money is not the only issue here; the inspection process can take a toll as well. It can be a frustrating experience to schedule all of the different inspections.

Sell My House Fast Atlanta Georgia

Sell My House Fast Atlanta Georgia

For example, if there is an electrical inspection, you might have to wait or the inspector to look at the rough electrical as well as the final electrical and likewise for the plumbing and the rest of the other inspections as well. So in short, multiple inspections have to be performed for the building even if it is just one permit or ten permits.

The other reason why people skip getting their permits is that communities in Georgia make their money by property taxes. Property taxes are assessed on the value of your house, and if you perform major improvements on the house, it would probably mean that the assessed value of your house will be higher.

To get permitted work done or unpermitted work done?

So if you especially put a major addition onto your house like an additional bedroom or a bathroom or an additional several hundred square feet and new furnishings, the assessed value of your property would go up which would result in plummeting your property taxes. Our process is fast, easy, and won’t cost you a thing if you are looking for companies that buy houses in Georgia.

For instance, if you do go ahead without getting a permit and add a major addition to your house. Say, an additional bedroom or a bathroom and if your potential buyer is getting a conventional mortgage through a bank, chances are the appraiser will have some questions about it. Over the course of the years, the taxes could amount to a significant amount which you would end up paying.

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The appraiser will go through the public records or the town records and will notice the difference in the obvious unpermitted changes that you made in the house.If the appraiser learns that none of the work done was permitted, the bank will not give you any credit for the extra work done, and they will most likely value your house on the previous appraisal.

The loan will not be denied by the bank probably, but the appraisal on the house would be put out for a much lesser price than anticipated. So this would mean the there will be a difference in the price that you are buying the house instantly In Atlanta, where the present modified house would be more expensive than the house that is presented in the public records.

Anyway if you are going to do work on your house, you should consider getting in touch with your town and find out if you even need a permit at all, to be on the safer side.  Permits are not needed in cases where you have to make small modifications, like minor changes where people won’t think of asking whether you had work done with a permit. Like for example, for fixing a couple of windows or some minor plumbing fixtures or for changing a light bulb.

If you have work done in the past with a permit, in rare cases you can go back to the town office and get it done retroactively. If they are fairly able to come and check the work and they find out that unpermitted work has been done, the inspectors would be probably unhappy and could stand in the way making the process lengthy and unnecessary. And as a result, business could turn out to be slow for you. We work with you and guide you through the process of selling your home from the very beginning to the end when you are in need of buy my house now in Georgia.

But in the end, if you are interested in doing some work in your house before selling it, you should do it the right way. You should probably get permits even though it means extra expenditure and extra time, but it will save you from all the unnecessary hurdles from the legal point of view in the future.

Sell My House Fast Atlanta Georgia

Unpermitted work can be illegal too, and in most cases, after the house has been sold, the buyer will most likely be brought into light about the unpermitted work that was performed when he or she decides to get some modifications done on their own. And that would lead to nasty business. So, the moral of the story is to get your ducks in order, or more so, get your permits in order.

So who do you sell it to if you have unpermitted work done?

All in all, if you are still set on selling your house with unpermitted work done amidst all the risks, the best solution is to sell it to someone who is an investor. Investors would more or less perform work on the house anyway so they would end up pulling all kinds of new permits for new work to be done.

This would cover up the unpermitted work that was already done with the new permits and would reinvent them without that big of a deal. Investors are most likely going to buy the house with cash or private financing so obstacles from the bank would not stand in the way of you selling the house with unpermitted work done.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that, investors like to buy houses that probably need a lot of work done because the profits need to be made. So the only effective way to buy Ugly houses in Atlanta is to choose your buyers carefully and meticulously.

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