How eviction works in Atlanta?

The law in Atlanta allows the eviction of a tenant by the landlord if he/she has missed paying the rent. There are strict laws when it comes to paying the rent. And several articles are stating just that. If you are a tenant in the Atlanta region, it is important to know How Eviction Works In Atlanta and that you follow up the rules so that proper procedures can be followed when you rent a house. In this article, I will be talking about the eviction rules that are followed in the state of Atlanta.

Payment of rent in Atlanta:

If the rent is missed, it could give rise to dire consequences for the tenant. Usually, people go through financial problems, but it is always advisable for the tenant to inform the landlord and come to an agreement. There can be different lease agreements, and each agreement can offer different conditions. But unless we buy ugly houses Atlanta Georgia agreement states a different rule, the tenant is supposed to pay the rent on day one of every month.

How Eviction Works In Atlanta

How Eviction Works In Atlanta

It should be seen to it by the tenant that it is paid accordingly regardless of whether it is a holiday or if the renter is out of the station. In most cases, if the person that is renting the house fails to do that, the landlord can take it as a situation where the rent is due and can subject the tenant to any consequences.

Sending a notice of eviction to the tenant:       

A notice of eviction can be sent by the landlord to the tenant if in case the tenant does not succeed in the rent payment on the starting day of the month. company that buys your house in Atlanta is there for you if Are you tired of managing your rental property. it seems harsh, and in most cases, this is not followed as some grace period can be given. But it is entirely up to the landlord because the rule is entirely on their side.

The notice contains the information given below:

  • The date of the day that the notice of eviction was given to the tenant
  • The name and the address of the tenant’s rental unit
  • The reason on why the tenant was served the notice of eviction (usually its failure to pay the rent)
  • The sum of the rent fee plus late charges fee and information on how it should be paid.
  •  A statement that states that the renter was given a certain period of time for paying the amount or to move out. On failure to do so, the landlord has proceeded with the notice of eviction. This should also specify the date on which the eviction process should begin.
  • And also a statement stating the manner in how the notice of eviction was granted to the tenant.

So, if in case, rent is missed, it is possible that the tenant may be asked to pack out of the house or to pay rent the next day. And on a different scenario, the tenant decides to rebel and refuses to do any of those; the landlord has the full right for filing an affidavit for a court date to initiate an eviction lawsuit. This is also known as dispossessory proceeding.

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The landlord can choose to issue the notice to the tenant in written form or verbally. The landlord can choose whichever way is most convenient for informing the tenant about the notice for eviction. After that, the landlord can start the eviction process. But in most cases, the landlord hands out a notice of eviction to the tenants.we buy houses near Atlanta buy houses at best possible prices.

Handing the notices of eviction to the tenants:

There is also no given time period for a landlord to give a tenant the notice of eviction and also for filing a lawsuit. It could be a day, or it could be months. But whatever it is, most landlords wait for three days solely for providing time to the tenant to either pay what is due or to move out. After which the landlord can file for an eviction lawsuit.

How notices for eviction are given:

The landlord can also choose one of the following ways on how to deliver the notice for eviction to the tenant:

  • The notice of eviction can be delivered to the tenant personally by the agent or the landlord.
  • The notice can be kept in the house or can be kept on the door by the agent or the landlord
  • The last option is preferably the best, in which the notice can be mailed through certified mail or registered post. In this way, it is discreet and saves any humiliating experiences for both parties.

How Eviction Works In Atlanta | We buy ugly houses Georgia

How notice of evictions are responded:

The tenant can respond to the eviction process in any of the following ways:

1. The tenant in Atlanta can choose to make the payment of the rent following the notice of eviction up to a week including the late fines. If the person renting the house is able to give the money and the late fines in a week’s time after the notice was served, the landlord has to withdraw the notice of eviction and the lawsuit.

2. The tenant may also choose to vacate the house. In case of failure to pay up, the landlord will make that up from the security money. And if the security money is not able to cover the rent, the landlord can summon the tenant to court.

3. And lastly, the landlord can start the dispossessory proceedings if the person does not leave the house and does not choose to make the payment of rent as well.

How notice of evictions are filed:

After the notice has been served, if the person doesn’t vacate nor pay the rent, the landlord has the right to go to the local judicial system for filing an affidavit for evicting the tenant. But the landlord has to first obtain permission from the judicial system prior to actually going ahead with the dispossessory proceeding. Do you need to sell your house in Atlanta then research well online about companies that buy rental properties to get the best.

It is important to remember that it is also illegal for a landlord to evict anyone without the permission from a judge. So, unless the judge has granted permission, a landlord cannot prevent the tenant from entering his/her own home.

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